Getting Started…Your Essential Sewing Kit

As I was thinking about possible ideas for future posts to share with you, I found a common theme…many of them were sewing based! If you’ve not sewn much before (or it’s been a while since you have) you might ask “what do I need to sew?” so I wanted to share with you the essential bits of kit I can’t live without, and definitely what you’ll need if you want to have a go at any of my projects:

  • Sewing Machine – All of my projects involve my trusty sewing machine (as my hand sewing is appalling!). I was lucky and inherited my mum’s Brother, which is the only machine I’ve really used (unless you count the old Singer with a wheel you had to turn to move the needle that I used to use at my gran’s when I was 10!) but I’m not a brand snob. Chatting to friends and family, they use a wide range of different machines. As long as they have the basic stitches, you won’t go far wrong; you can pick up a good basic machine for £80-100
  • Thread – In an assortment of colours; cotton is practical and useful
  • Extra Bobbins – I’ve got about 20 so I can just remove one and put in another when I need to change colours (you can get by with what you get with your machine, generally 3-4, but I bought more for my ease)
  • Pins – I love quilting pins as they have bigger heads; it makes life much easier when you’re reaching one handed for one while you wrestle the fabric with the other hand to keep it turned under (I’m exaggerating but being able to pick one up easily is a huge help!)
  • Tape Measure – Artfully placed around your neck, you’ll look the part, but you’ll use it all of the when you need to measure your projects for cutting and assembling. Don’t forget the old phrase “measure twice, cut once” – never a truer word has been spoken!
  • Scissors – A good pair of dressmaking scissors are a must…and must never be used for cutting anything other than fabric/thread etc (mine are hidden away so no-one else can accidentally use them for cutting anything else)
  • Tailors Chalk – Great for marking out fabric for cutting; I like them in pencil form. In times of need (and sometimes laziness) I’ve also used an ordinary lead pencil lightly if I am marking out areas of the fabric that are not going to be visible when finished
  • An Iron and Ironing Board – I can’t stress how important pressing fabric is; it can save so much time and make projects much easier (as I’ve found when I’ve been too lazy to get the iron out!)
  • Fabric – It can be addictive buying fabric; I always have far too much. I’d also recommend keeping a few scraps to practice things like new stitches, so you can get them right before you sew your project

There are other items you’ll need (or want) over time, but these basics will see you through all manner of projects.

Are you ready to begin?

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