Frozen Inspired Girls Elasticated Skirt

Frozen Inspired SkirtFor those of you who have seen the post for my beautiful handmade elasticated skirt, hopefully you will love my latest project. It stemmed from my friend’s daughter’s new found love of Frozen after being given the DVD at Christmas.

As it is her 3rd birthday in March, as well as my friend having just booked tickets to a Frozen sing-a-long show, I wanted to make her an extra special Frozen inspired gift and I had just the fabric left over from Christmas! I didn’t have enough to make her a twirly dress like I wanted to so after an evening of trying to make the pattern fit (I couldn’t!) and grumbling a bit (read: for the whole evening!) I finally had the idea of buying a Frozen motif to iron onto the skirt and a few days later, Olaf arrived.

Take a look on eBay for embroidered motifs – there’s a really wide range of products from a number of suppliers and they are so inexpensive to buy but look great! The skirt pattern itself is identical to my previous tutorial and instead of the ric rac trim I used for the ones in that picture, I simply ironed on the motif at the end.

This is a really affordable way to make clothing that is both on trend and completely unique!

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