Love Heart Print

Italy PrintAs it’s Valentines Day tomorrow, I wanted to share with you a very special wedding present I made to take to Italy.

I was looking for something unique and (equally importantly) something easy to pack. The frame is a memory box frame – I could have used a regular frame, but I liked the effect of having something a little deeper. You can pick these up at your local craft shop chains (mine is from Hobbycraft)

Finding a suitable map was a challenge – I’ll be honest, this wasn’t my original idea but finding a map I liked of Presicce proved impossible without resorting to a Google map (and believe me, I spent hours looking for something I liked), so I decided to incorporate the Bride and Groom’s birthplaces. The map is printed onto ordinary photocopier paper, however depending on the look you are going for (and the quality of the map) you could use any paper/card of your choice. There are also lots of suppliers of vintage maps which you could buy to cut up although, again, finding Presicce was an impossible feat!

The hearts linking the two countries was the confetti contained within the invitation (I’m glad I didn’t vacuum them away when they fell out when I opened the invite!)

Lastly the date of the wedding is also taken from the invitation – I thought this was a nice touch to link it back to what they had sent – thankfully the background of the invite was a good match for the mount, however you could use any card/paper of your choice to add any wording etc to your print.

The Bride and Groom were really touched by the present and it now has pride of place in their living room!


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