Chocolate Lollies



Chocolate Lolly

I’m a day late for Valentines Day as these were chilling nicely in the fridge last night! It’s so easy to make your own chocolate lollies, although try not to think about the amount of chocolate you will use – it’s an insane amount! Thanks to my friend Alison for choosing this as a birthday present for me last year.

You will need:

  • Silicone mould in the shape of your choice
  • Paper lolly sticks
  • Chocolate (you can use the brand/type of your choice – for me it’s got to be milk chocolate but you could have fun with marbling or layering different types of chocolate, you could also try flavoured chocolate for a twist!) – buy more chocolate than you think you will need – I bought 3 xΒ 150g bars…and it only filled three of the four moulds!
  • Jug/Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Microwave
  • Space in the fridge

Making your Lollies

  • You will need to begin by melting your chocolate; to do this, break your chocolate into small pieces and put in a jug or bowl – I used a Pyrex jug for ease of pouring.
  • Put your chocolate in the microwave for bursts of 20 seconds, taking the jug/bowl out each time and stirring until your chocolate until it has melted.
  • Put your lolly stick in place in your mould (you’ll see from the picture, there is a ridge to hold it in place) – make sure you put around half of the stick into the mould so it holds the lolly once set (they’re heavier than you think).
  • Pour your chocolate into the mould until it reaches the top – you could use a knife to make sure you have a flat top (you’ll see my lolly on the left is a little swirly as I decided not to do this).
  • Carefully put your mould in the fridge (I put mine on a chopping board before I poured my chocolate to make transporting it to the fridge easier) and leave to set for a few hours.

I used edible glitter on my lollies, putting this in the mould before I poured the chocolate, however it didn’t really show once the chocolate had set, which I was a bit disappointed about. You could also use freeze dried fruit, hundreds and thousands or other toppings of your choice – if you sprinkle these into the moulds before you pour your chocolate, the chocolate will set around them.

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