Felt Bird

Felt BirdMothers’ Day is fast approaching and I was struggling for inspiration for my Grandma – she has everything she needs and her birthday is also in March so thinking of not just one but two ideas is always a challenge. One of her favourite things to do is feed the birds in her garden; she does it all year round and even braves the snow to put food out for them! You can imagine how pleased I was when I stumbled across this little guy to make for her:

Felt Bird Pattern

I’ll admit, it took me a few hours…mostly because when I showed my mum, she announced she’d also like one for Mothers’ Day! 🙂

The copyright of the pattern stops me from putting much on here by way of in progress photos but I’ve been able to show you the finished product and I’m really proud of them both. You’ll see I’ve left mine fairly plain – when I finished assembling mine, I thought they looked really cute as they were although the additional threadwork would be really easy.

My top tips for making them are:

  • If you can’t get thread to match your felt, do very small stitches so they look like dots – you can’t see that my yellows were different or that I’d only used one colour grey thread for both greys
  • On my mum’s recommendation, I used two pieces of ribbon so that the bow can be made around whatever you hang the bird on – especially handy if you wanted to hang him from a curtain pole in the window!

I’ve got some felt left over so I may make a couple more – I adore little Chester!

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