Beautiful Garden Girl Quilt



I’ve seen so many beautiful quilts on other blogs recently and it encouraged me to finish one I started over Christmas…in fact I even welcomed in the New Year from my sewing table!

I have to start by confessing my quilt is made from a single printed panel piece (mine is called Beautiful Garden Girl by Tea & Sympathy – Studio E Fabrics if you would like to make your own). I fell in love with it in my local fabric shop and had to buy it. Although it is a single panel, there is a lot of detail to stitch around (I would recommend a small straight stitch) so I have still put in a number of hours work, even though I’ve not had to cut each piece individually.

This is definitely a great option if it is your first quilt. I cut out a piece of wadding the same size of the panel and tacked it on with red thread (so it would stand out). The day I finished it, my mum gave me a can of temporary adhesive, which is a better idea if you’re worried about sewing over your tacking stitches – that said, it’s not the end of the world if you do as you can cut off your tacked stitches really easily when you don’t need them anymore.

When I was happy I had stitched around all of the detail I wanted to, I cut a piece of contrasting fabric 2mm larger than the front panel. I pinned the fabric and wadded panel right sides together (so the wrong side of the contrasting fabric and the wadding were showing on the outside) and sewed them together leaving a 3 inch gap to pull the quilt the right way. I then tucked the gap in so it looked as though it had already been sewn (I pressed it again to keep the fabric in place) and top stitched all the way around the quilt.

It’s so gorgeous I don’t want to give it away!



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