Meet Alice


Does anyone else name their sewing kit?

I am beyond excited! My mum presented me with a cardboard box on Thursday night that I could barely get my arms around to carry, let alone see over the top of. When I got it inside, I saw what she had bought me…my very own dressmaking model (maybe so I won’t be stealing hers every other week!).

According to mum, her name is Alice (she’ll be a great addition to Annie, my sewing machine). IΒ  particularly love the wooden base – it looks like a piece of furniture in its own right; I can see myself still using her in 20, 30, maybe even 40 years time!

I literally can’t wait to make use of her – the gorgeous fabric you can see draped over her will eventually be a playsuit (when I can take over the lounge floor to cut out my pattern!) so Alice will be making her modelling debut very soon. Until then, she has pride of place in my bedroom (quite possibly scaring me when I wake up in the night and see a silhouette in the corner!)

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