The Wonder of Aloe!

Aloe Vera Plant

When I moved out of the family home 7 years ago, my mum gave my a seemingly odd moving present, but now I wouldn’t be without this spikey lovely! She sits on my kitchen window sill ready for when I need her.

Aloe Vera is renown for it’s soothing properties and you only have to look online at its millions of different uses; I had no idea just how much I would use my plant. I’ve cleverly cropped the photo so you can’t see the squared edges on parts of the plant where I’ve snipped off an end of a leaf with my scissors; a testament to how clumsy I am and how many times I have burnt myself of the oven! Thankfully my plant keeps growing quickly enough to keep up with my mishaps. All I have needed to do is to rub the gel that oozes from the centre of the leaf onto my burn to soothe it. I’ve also used it for sunburn and even to soothe itchy insect bites.

Don’t worry if you’ve not got green fingers – I’ve not had to re-pot mine once and it only needs watering once or twice a week (it’s very hardy if you forget!)

If you’ve not got an Aloe Vera plant, I can’t stress how much I would recommend one adorning your kitchen window sill.

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