Easter Chocolate Nests

Easter Nests

Easter – on a purely superficial level it’s a wonderful time of year: Spring has definitely sprung, the daffodils are out, lambs are appearing in the fields, I get a four day weekend and I can eat chocolate for breakfast (without disapproving looks)!

Every Easter I love to make chocolate Easter nests – they take me back to my childhood. Everyone loves eating them and I enjoy making them (although finding space in the fridge to chill them is a nightmare!) They’re even easier to make than my Malteser Tray Bake and they are perfect to make with the kids as they don’t take long.

Here’s my recipe if you want to make your own. You’ll need:

  •  100g rice cereal (I prefer the chocolate variety for extra chocolatey nests)
  • 200g chocolate
  • 1 tablespoon golden syrup
  • 3 tablespoons cold water
  • A big bag of Cadburys Mini Eggs
  1. Break your chocolate into squares in a saucepan, along with the golden syrup and water and melt them gently on a low heat, stirring until the chocolate is fully melted
  2. Take your molten mixture off the heat and add your rice cereal – stir gently so you don’t smash your cereal
  3. Spoon into paper cases (I put mine in a bun tray so it retains its shape easily)
  4. Make a shallow well in the middle of each cake and add 2-3 mini eggs
  5. Place your bun trays into the fridge to set

You could also use cornflakes instead of rice cereal – I’ve tried them and they taste equally as good!

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