Are You Stuck on Temporary Fabric Adhesive?

Have you had the issue of trying to sew two fabrics together and struggled? Find tacking/pinning a pain? Are you reading these questions in a voiceover voice (if not, I’ve done a rubbish job of channelling the voice into this post…think film trailer or Peter the X Factor announcer!)

Crafters Companion

I’ll be honest, when my mum handed me a can of Crafters Companion that she’d seen on Create and Craft TV and felt compelled to buy (which happens quite regularly – she’s an avid fan) I wondered what I would do with it…and more importantly where I was going to put it; my sewing supplies are spreading and are slowly taking over my lounge. Now I’ve used it though, I’m converted and I’m so pleased she ordered me a can. Serves me right for being ungrateful!

The can suggests you can use it for hemming, quilting, applique and tacking and more. I’ve tried it on tacking and hemming so far and it worked really well. I put scrap paper down before I sprayed the fabric I wanted to use to keep the work area clean (and avoid temporarily sticking things together I didn’t want to). It’s so easy to use!

I couldn’t tell you how temporary it is as I’ve used it and sewn over it almost straight away (maybe that’s another experiment) but I found it bonded fabrics well and made sewing simple. I find tacking really laborious so this suits me down to the ground.

This post is in no way endorsed by Crafters Companion and is reflective of my experience only but if you’ve read this and want to invest in a can of your own, you can find it here.


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