Kimono Jacket

Kimono Jacket

It’s not been the warm sunny Easter of last year so far…in fact it’s been quite cold and soggy. But there’s time for the sun to put his hat on so I can wear this beautiful kimono style jacket.

I’d love to say I made this as it’s just gorgeous but in fact it was a graduation present from my mum last Summer; we’d seen it in the shops and after clocking the price tag, I decided not to buy it as I didn’t think it would be long before it was being bagged up to be sent off to the charity shop (it’s taken 15 years but I’m finally getting there with timeless classics and staple pieces); thankfully my lovely mum decided to treat me to it anyway! I’m still seeing an oriental vibe in magazines and in the shops for this Springs/Summer, which means I can wear my beloved kimono all summer long.

I love the sheer fabric, the beautiful pattern and the gorgeous wide sleeves. It looks amazing with a vest, shorts and flip flops in the day or with a black vest, black jeans, killer heels and lashings of lipstick in the evening. My main issue is that I like a pattern (if you’ve seen my other posts, you’ll see I rarely buy plain fabrics) so matching this with other items to make an outfit isn’t easy…maybe I need to alter my tastes a bit!

What’s your must have item this Spring/Summer?

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