Two Colour Girls Elasticated Skirt

Finished Skirt

For those of you who have enjoyed making my Girls Elasticated Skirt and Frozen Inspired Girls Elasticated Skirt, you’re going to love this twist! It’s the same pattern, but multi panelled. Even better, you can make this out of two fat quarters if you’re making this for little ones!

I’m very proud of this as it’s going to be a present for a very special little girl who is about to become a big sister. My friend is due to drop any day now (and I can’t wait to meet the new addition to their lovely little family!) so whilst the baby will have her Elephant Soft Toy (as well as a top secret project I finished last night…I promise I’ll post it when she finally arrives), her older sister will have a super special grown up Big Sister Skirt.

If you want to make your own, it’s really simple. The pattern is exactly the same as the Girls Elasticated Skirt, except for the first step. To get your piece of fabric ready to sew into a skirt, you’ll need to put your strips of fabric together. If we use my example in the other tutorial, if your length is 30.5cm, your strips will need to equal this when you have sewn them together.

As mine was largely navy with a pink panel, I cut my pieces so the vertical skirt lengths (if you held them up against the child) were 21.5cm and 12cm respectively. I began by sewing them together (do you remember my French seams – you can find this on the original tutorial). You can see from this photo, I placed them right sides facing outwards to sew 0.5cm from the edge for my first seam, before turning them right sides together, pressing with a warm iron, and sewing them together 1cm from the edge, encasing the raw edges from the first hem.

Skirt Initial

From there you have your starting rectangle and then it’s exactly like the previous tutorial.

As I was so rubbish at posting photos the first time around (I know, I get carried away when I start sewing!) here is the photo of the inside of the skirt showing both the seam connecting the two fabrics, and the hem:

Skirt Inside

And here is the casing at the top, with enough room to feed the elastic in:

Skirt Casing

So there you have it, an easy no pattern skirt…and you can make it out of your fat quarter stash!

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