Baby’s Play Mat

Tweet Playmat

How many parents wouldn’t need this beautiful hand sewn play mat? It’s great to have both at home or on the move, can double as a changing mat, or could be a cosy quilt.

I’ve made it a little larger than shop bought ones to make sure it’s versatile and will last the baby through until they’re a child. It’s so easy to make – here’s my tutorial so you can make one too:

You will need:

  • 1m of patterned fabric of your choice for the front of the play mat
  • 1m of fabric for the back of your play mat (you could make this plain, the same or different patterned fabric)
  • 1m of wadding, the same fabric width as your two pieces of fabric
  • Matching or contrasting thread
  • Tape measure
  • Tailors Chalk (or pencil)
  • Set Square, T Square, or Perspex Patchwork Ruler to get the perfect right angle
  • Pins
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Sewing machine

How to make your play mat:

  1. Press both pieces of fabric with a hot iron to remove any creases
  2. Lay your pieces of fabric on top of each other, along with the wadding, and with your squaring tool square up all three pieces and cut and excess fabric as appropriate so you have identical rectangular pieces (it won’t be far off, but as many stores free cut fabric, you can expect they’ll be a bit wonky!)
  3. Put your ‘backing’ fabric to one side for now
  4. Pin your ‘front’ fabric to your wadding (you could use temporary fabric adhesive if you’ve been out and bought some!) and/or pin in place
  5. Using your squaring tool and tailors chalk, mark out squares on your ‘front’ fabric (if you’re feeling adventurous you could do this diagonally to make diamonds) – my horizontal and vertical lines were at 15cm intervals as I was using the width of my quilting ruler.
  6. Sew along the lines you’ve drawn to attach your wadding to your ‘front’ fabric
  7. Lay your quilted piece on the table/floor (wherever you have enough space) and smooth out the fabric if needed
  8. Place your ‘backing’ fabric on top of your ‘front’ fabric so the right sides of fabric are facing each other; pin in place
  9. Sew around your play mat 2cm from the edge, leaving a 10-15cm gap in the middle of one of the sides.
  10. Cut the corners of your play mat diagonally to avoid fabric bulk (mind you don’t cut your stitches though – I would recommend cutting 2-3mm away)
  11. Cut your ‘front’ fabric and wadding 1cm from the stitches all the way round your play mat
  12. Turn your play mat the right way and press with a warm iron
  13. Top stitch around your play mat for a pretty edge (when you get to the open bit, if you fold your fabric in before you top stitch, you will close the gap and no-one will know where you’ve turned it!)

Tweet Playmat Close Up

Do you like the baby bird fabric I’ve chosen? I don’t know if the little person I’ve chosen this for is a boy or a girl yet so the primary colours (+ green…I know this isn’t a primary colour!) are perfect!

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