Anyone for Coffee?


This week is UK Coffee Week (yum!) which gives me the perfect excuse to share with you one of my favourite items in my kitchen; our Bialetti espresso maker. No fancy coffee machine needed (although I’m a big fan of those too) and you can even have a coffee if there’s a power cut (provided you have a gas hob).

The concept is simple; you use the espresso maker with ground coffee in the top of the funnel and water in the container below that. As the water heats it pushes up through the funnel and the coffee before the brewed coffee is pushed up into the top section. From here you can pour it into an insanely small espresso cup! The smell is as good (if not better) than any coffee shop and it doesn’t take long to brew. There is nothing better than waking up to fresh coffee…or coming home to the welcoming smell still lingering in the kitchen hours afterwards. I love the beautiful, stylish Italian design of ours so it’s one of the few things I will leave on the countertop!

I personally find an espresso a bit too strong and bitter to drink alone so I like my shot in hot milk with a shot of caramel syrup…for me it’s the perfect way to drink a latte! We’ve even bought a Areolatte To Go – Lakeland to make the perfect froth. In short, this is a must on a weekend morning! Interestingly, latte drinking is on the up in the UK but the Italians like to drink them with breakfast, then espressos later in the day.

If you’ve not already invested in one, I wouldn’t be without my Bialetti and I know you’ll love yours when it arrives! If you’re not sure which to go for, a three cup maker is the perfect starter for ten…we’re eyeing up a nine cup maker next (for when we have visitors, of course!)

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