Gardening Apron Tutorial


The weather is warming up, the spring flowers have arrived (and in some cases already gone!) and we’re now going to spend the whole summer playing catch up and trying to keep our gardens looking tip top and weed free (as well as sitting out there as much as we can to enjoy all our hard work). This gardening apron is just the thing to hold what you need whilst you’re in your garden…better still you can make it within a couple of hours (even by my slow standards) and don’t need a pattern!

To make your own, you will need:

  •  1m of cotton fabric
  • 55cm x 35cm piece of wadding
  • Matching or contrasting thread (if you’re less confident, go with a similar colour thread)
  • Pins
  • Tape measure
  • Tailors Chalk (or pencil)
  • Set Square, T Square, or Perpex Patchwork Ruler to get the perfect right angle
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Sewing machine


  • Cut a piece of fabric 55cm x 85cm for your apron front
  • Cut a piece of fabric 55cm x 35cm for your apron back
  • Cut two pieces of fabric 55cm x 15cm for your ties

Assembling your Apron:

  1. To make your ties, first fold your fabric pieces in half lengthways. Turn your fabric over so you can see the wrong side. Turn your fabric in towards the centre fold by 5cm on both lengths and 1cm in on one side (see bottom right hand picture)
  2. Sew around the three sides (see bottom left and picture…you’ll see I didn’t edge around the folded edge, which I wish I had with hindsight! Don’t worry about the remaining short side as this will be sewn into the apron)
  3. Repeat with the second tie
  4. Lay your apron back on the ironing board (wrong side facing upwards). Lay your front over the top right side facing you. Fold back the remaining fabric and with a hot iron, press the fold at what will be the bottom of your apron; fold the remaining fabric back down so the edge of the fabric is also at the bottom of your apron (this spiky h shape will be your pocket) and press the fold in the middle of your apron.
  5. Set your apron back to one side
  6. Like we did with the make up brush roll tutorial, sew across the fold at the middle of your apron front not sewing the longer back piece of your apron front); this will give you a nice top stitched finish on your pocket
  7. Next, find the middle of your fabric and sew vertically upwards from the bottom of your apron front to just above the top of the pocket, this time catching the longer back piece – this will form your pockets (see the top left hand picture)
  8. Put your wadding on your work surface, with your apron front on top, right side facing upwards. Place your ties 3.5cm from the top of your apron with the unsewn ends at the edge of your fabric (these will be sewn in, in just a moment) – to prevent you from sewing your ties, pin them to your apron front in the middle
  9. Place your apron back on top of the apron front right side facing downwards, to sandwich the ties. Pin all layers together to keep them in place
  10. Sew around your apron 2.5cm from the edge, leaving a gap of about 7-10cm in one side to enable you to pull it through to the right side of the fabric
  11. Smooth out your fabric and press with a hot iron (tucking in the fabric of the gap you left open to turn your apron)
  12. Topstitch your apron around all four edges – this gives a really nice finish and catches the area you left open to turn your apron.

The wadding makes the apron more durable; if you wanted to, you could also add another piece of wadding 55cm x 25cm to your pockets between steps 6 and 7.

Happy gardening!

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