A Little Something For My Sewing Room (when I get one!)

Picture made from buttons

Why is it you feel like you’ve made it when you have a sewing room? I haven’t quite got mine yet but when I visit other people’s sewing rooms I marvel at how amazing it will be when I do! And what could be more fitting than my own piece of artwork to hang on the wall.

OK, I’ll confess now, this handmade button picture was another happy accident (yes, just like the messenger bag) – two of my friends are getting married in two weeks time and I had a great idea of making them a heart print made from buttons to match their vintage wedding theme. After three consecutive nights of trying to make it work, I gave up (I need a bigger frame to make this work properly (10” x 8”), rather than a small square area). I happened to pop the frame over a pile of buttons whilst I did something else and liked the look of it, and so the button print idea was born.

If you want to make your own, all you’ll need is:

  • Deep ‘memory’ box frame
  • Selection of buttons
  • Glue gun (ceramic fingers optional but recommended)
  1. Work out where the visible area of your backing will be and mark it lightly in pencil (I used some paper the same colour and texture as the mount, which I glued to the frame backing
  2. Start to assemble your buttons, layering them up as though they have ‘fallen’ like this (save some of your favourite buttons for the top layer), sticking them down with your glue gun.
  3. When you’ve finished, hold your print facing downwards to check your buttons have stuck in place and pop the backing back into your frame.

 Top Tip – After I burned myself for the 23rd time (seriously!) I decided to switch to craft glue dots to secure my buttons. You can buy them in all good craft shops – I got mine from here 

Pictures from Buttons

Just three steps, it really is that easy to make your own. If you wanted to make more than one for your wall, how about replacing the buttons for mini cotton spools, or collage up some sewing paraphernalia?

I just need that sewing room now!

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