Are you part of the Ruby Dress Club yet?


When Love Sewing Magazine gave away the Ruby Dress pattern as a free download in March, I snapped it up; I’d seen so many fab versions on their Facebook page and couldn’t wait to make my own…ten weeks later I finally did (!!)

If you still need to get your copy, I can guarantee you’ll find it easier with a ‘proper’ pattern than assembling 27 PDF pages but I persevered and was so glad I did.

I chose to make my dress out of ponte roma as it’s a lovely, thick, stretchy jersey material and doesn’t fray easily however if you’re not confident, cotton would be an easier choice to try the pattern out on! The darts in particular were tricky in my fabric (you can’t press in lovely creases like you can in cotton) but I drew my darts in tailor’s chalk so I had a visible line to sew along. Even then I made one dart a little too wide; you can’t tell except for the almost invisible fold in the skirt piece…but you have to look very closely so I think I’ve got away with it; thank goodness for a full circle skirt!

Can you believe I’ve only sewn in a handful of zips before? I found this a bit tricky but only because I only half read the instructions and didn’t put the zip under the facings (!!) I didn’t have any issues hemming my circle skirt (less so than when I made the spin around dresses) although I’m now looking at rolled hem feet to add to my collection as my machine didn’t come with one when I bought it and it would have made a gorgeous hem on this skirt.

The pattern instructions are really easy to follow and the dress itself can be made in a day. I’ve left mine plain for now but the evening I finished sewing I lay in bed with so many ideas flying round my head as to the trims and embellishments I could use so you never know, more photos might appear if I get brave and start experimenting.

I’m also looking at making another in cotton, potentially broderie anglaise…watch this space!

If you’ve not made your own, I’d thoroughly recommend buying the Ruby Dress pattern and join the club, you won’t be disappointed!

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