Applique Beach Hut Cushion Tutorial with Free Beach Hut Pattern

Handmade cushion applique

Keeping with the Summer theme (whilst it’s still here!), this applique beach hut cushion is perfect for wherever you’re enjoying the sunshine, whether you’re near the sea or completely and utterly landlocked! With an envelope buttoned back and cute beach hut detail, it’s also a great stash buster and is great for using up smaller offcuts of fabric. You could easily make this within a couple of hours.

To make your own, you will need:

  • Beach Hut Pattern
  • 17” square cushion pad
  • 93cm x 54cm of your cushion cover fabric
  • Offcuts of fabric for your beach hut
  • Matching or contrasting thread (if you’re less confident, go with a similar colour thread)
  • Tape measure
  • Pins
  • Dressmaking Scissors
  • Tailors Chalk (or pencil)
  • Set Square, T Square, or Perspex Patchwork Ruler to get the perfect right angle
  • Sewing machine

  1. Cut out your beach hut pattern
  2. Lay these onto your offcut fabric pieces and pin in place; carefully cut these out. I used two different fabrics, but you can choose more if you wish
  3. Pin your beach hut pieces together
  4. Using a small zig zag stitch, sew your beach hut pieces together (I also used a straight stitch to sew vertical ‘stripes’ for the wood panels of the door)
  5. Place your cushion cover fabric around your cushion pad the with the two ends overlapping (this will form your envelope opening) pin in place
  6. Position your beach hut in the middle of the front of your cushion and pin in place (careful not to pin this to your cushion pad also!
  7. Slide your cushion cover off the cushion pad, leaving the pins in the back in place
  8. Using a zigzag stitch, sew your beach hut to the cushion cover
  9. Turn your fabric ‘loop’ inside out
  10. Sew down both side edges of your cushion with a straight stitch using a 1-2 inch seam allowance. Keep trying your cushion pad in the cover – if it feels a little loose (mine did as I was being conservative with my measurements) try sewing with a wider seam allowance if you need to (this will depend on the thickness of the cushion pad) – don’t worry about this if you need to do this, the stitches will be on the inside of the cover so won’t be visible, plus more than one row of stitches will increase the seam strength
  11. At the edge of your overlapping fabric, gently mark the centre point and each quarter points with tailors chalk
  12. Depending on how much your envelope back overlaps, mark how far down you wish to have your buttons (mine was about 1cm)
  13. Sew the three button holes
  14. Sew on your buttons to the opposing piece and button up your cushion back

Applique Cushion

Now you’ve made your beach hut cushion, think of all the possibilities of what you could applique onto a cushion cover next!

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