Girls Pinafore Dress – Butterick 3772 Review

Pinafore Dress

This pattern was free in the June issue of Stitch Your Style…how cute is it?! There are 6 different options for different dress styles and the dresses can be made up to age 6 so there is so much scope from one pattern alone.  I toyed with the idea of including a ruffle, or a contrasting fabric strip at the bottom of the dress but as I’d bought gorgeous printed fabric, I decided to keep it simple and make option A.

My pattern didn’t have ages 4-6 (cue major panic!) but I improvised and cut out the pattern to the same dimensions of the upsizing between ages 1-2 and 2-3. This was really easy using a roll of baking parchment and a permanent marker (very technical!) It shows how easy it can be if you need to amend your patterns to fit your child.

The pattern was as easy to make as the instructions promised. I didn’t follow the instructions though, instead doing it my way (what’s new there?!) I used a blanket zig zag stitch on the bottom edge of my facing to prevent the cotton from fraying. This looked really cute and feels quite soft so I don’t think it would irritate skin. Instead of joining the sides of the facings and the sides of the dress, I attached each facing to its respective dress piece before joining the dress at the sides with a French seam; this gave me a really neat finish and kept the seam fabric bulk to a minimum.

The hem might be slightly tricky for inexperienced sewists as it’s a rounded skirt, however with a little time and care to make sure it is even, it is easy to perfect. This would be another job for the rolled hem foot (you’ll be pleased to know after wishing I’d had one for my Ruby Dress and Pencil Skirt I’ve ordered it and it’s in transit…shame I needed to make the dresses before it arrived!)

I found some cute polka dot buttons in Dunelm, which I sewed on after I’d made my button holes and after a final press they were all ready to be wrapped. They looked small in the shop, but they were the 5/8″ that the pattern suggested and looked perfect when I’d got them home.

Garden Girl Pinafore Dress

My friend has two gorgeous little girls that are turning 3 and 4 this month (I know, they definitely keep their mum busy), hence me making two dresses at once; they are going to look soooo pretty in their little dresses. I think the fabric suits them both down to the ground! I can’t wait for them to open their presents and wear their dresses. What I love the most is that the dresses are lovely and cool to wear throughout the summer (maybe with a little cardi or t-shirt underneath if it’s a bit cooler), and equally perfect to layer up with warm tops and tights underneath as the weather gets cooler towards Autumn/Winter. Hopefully they will get lots of wear out of them before they have another growth spurt!

Let's Ride Pinafore Dress

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