Origami Frog Game…quick to make, hours of fun!

Origami Frog Tutorial

Can you believe it is summer time already and the kids are enjoying their long summer holidays?! That’s not to say the weather will play ball; if anything it probably means that it will rain for the next month! So here’s a fab little make that really is very quick and has so many uses so is great for kids of all ages. All you’ll need is some coloured paper or thin card – the gorgeous aquamarine textured card in the photo is from Hobbycraft (in their scrapbooking section). If you can use card over paper, you’ll find you get a better bounce if you want to play games with your frogs, but you may wish to begin with paper for the first frog to learn how to fold one more easily.

Look how easy the frog is to make – just a few simple steps to make:

Origami Frog

For older children (7+) this is something they can make with a little help (it will only take 1-2 frogs for them to learn how to make their own unassisted) and it’s fun to help younger children make (although they might require more supervision). It’s a great activity to teach neatness, precision and patience and kids can really show their artistic flair by decorating their frogs if they’d like.

Why not try making your own track and racing your bouncing frogs to the finish? Or how about seeing who can be the first to bounce their frogs into a container? If you think of any other uses for your origami frogs, why not share them in the comments section below?

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