Burp Cloths – A Great Stash Buster For Vertical Prints

Burp Cloth

I love patterned fabric…I have amassed quite a collection in my stash. Just like my wardrobe, it is pattern rich and none of it matches to be able to team things up!

But what I have a lot of is vertical patterned fabric…if I had not been seduced by pretty patterns, I would think about what I buy more carefully, and buy patterns that can be cut in lots of directions but let’s face it, where is the fun in that. So I decided to use up my leftover patterned fabric to make burp cloths. As you know, there has been a number of new babies born this year so they will be gorgeous little presents for friends.

I must begin by confessing that I hate terry towelling; it is so messy to work with. We didn’t get off to the best start as I ordered cream and this was definitely on the yellow side of cream. I also had to cut the fabric outside as it was shedding EVERYWHERE! When I sewed it to the fabric fronts, I had the vacuum cleaner next to me so tidy fluff off my sewing table, the floor and me at regular intervals!

The pattern was really easy to make. I started with a rectangle large enough to go over my shoulder (I would suggest measuring this on you so you get the perfect length; mine was 52cm X 16cm. I cut a bit out (29cm x 2cm) to make the curved section to sit comfortably around the parent’s neck.

Pinning the towelling and fabric right sides together, I sewed around the edge with a 1cm seam allowance, leaving a gap along the long edge to turn it. After hoovering up (seriously, how many times?!) I top stitched around the whole of the cloth, turning in the section I’d not sewn so it caught in the topstitching (clever, non?!) What I do love about terry towelling is that it is really forgiving for when you tie of your stitching, it was almost invisible!

Top Tip When you’re cutting out your fabric, think about which way round you put your template (ie, will it fit on the right shoulder…or left if you are making it for someone who favours their left side) so that when they drape the cloth over them, the pattern is not upside down.

Despite the pain and mess making these (I’m still recovering from the amount of mess half a metre of terry towelling can make!) I really like the finished article. I’ve managed to get 8 burp cloths out of this and can’t wait for these gorgeous little cloths to make their way to their new homes – who said feeding time can’t be glamourous…event if you do get covered in milk and sick!

Burp Cloths Baby Gift

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