Minnie Mouse Baby Dress

Minnie Mouse Baby Dress

A lot of people ask me where I get my inspiration from and the truth is that it comes from lots of places. Sometimes it can be from looking at other bloggers’ fab makes (such as my Salted Caramel Brownies post) but other times it can be from the most inanimate of objects! My latest make is one of those…I got inspiration from a colleague’s mug when I was making drinks at work and the Minnie Mouse Dress was born.

Minnie Mouse Mug

My friend Will bought me the Great British Sewing Bee book earlier this year (one of the most thoughtful presents anyone has surprised me with!) and as you’d expect, I’d mentally got a list of everything I wanted to try. The baby dress was one of them, so when I had the idea for a Minnie mouse dress, I couldn’t wait to get started; cue another trip to The Corner Patch to look for fabrics – Jane didn’t disappoint!

This particular version is 3-6 months and is soooo tiny; that said, it was a fab pattern to work with and I didn’t have any problems sewing a dress so small…although the knickers were a little more problematic when I wanted to sew my casings for the legs – if anything, they are the bit I’m not 100% happy with but to anyone else, they look just fine. Both the dress and knickers are made from cotton; it’s lovely and cool for the summer. The little lady I made it for is moving to Italy in September; having been there at the end of September last year for her mummy and daddy’s wedding, I know it will still be very warm out there so she’ll still get plenty of wear from it.

I followed the instructions in the book throughout, except I decided not to include the applique and I bought binding rather than making my own as it was a good match to the black fabric I used for my contrast. I traced a Mickey ears silhouette but when I finished the dress, I decided not to use this; as the dress is so tiny, I didn’t want to add any more black than was on the collar and binding – I don’t think it’s missing anything, although it would look very cute on a larger sized dress.

Can you believe I misjudged how much binding I’d need…I used almost 3m in total. I had to make a mercy dash back to the Corner Patch for more to finish the dress (I’d only bought 2m), otherwise I’d have easily completed this within the day.

On this smaller dress, I used 5 press studs rather than the 6 the instructions suggests using; I thought this looked better. Sewing them on took ages…especially as I kept sewing them on the wrong way – I think I was a little bit tired but I persevered and two hours and multiple puncture wounds later, they were all on.

Minnie Mouse Baby Dress Back

I’ve fallen in love with this Minnie Mouse Dress and can’t wait to make another – I need any friends who get pregnant to keep having girls as they’re so much fun to make clothes for!

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