Maria Denmark FREE Kirsten Kimono Tee

T Shirt

Those of you who have read my Minnie Mouse Dress post will know that my inspiration can come from the most random of items. This latest make was also inspired…but more conventionally by Fiona Makes. I love a free pattern so when I saw this version I couldn’t wait to log onto the Maria Denmark website and download the Kirsten Kimono Tee to make for myself! You need to sign up to the Maria Denmark newsletter to access it but I’ve not had a newsletter so far (it’s been almost 6 weeks) so I can assure you that you won’t be bombarded.

The pattern is very easy to work with; in the past I’ve struggled with some printed PDF patterns to piece them together properly but I like how Maria has designed this one – it makes it really easy. The fabric is a navy woven t-shirt fabric from Abakhan…can you believe it only cost me £1.66…and I only used around two thirds of it – bargain! It’s lovely light stretchy fabric; I guess with any stretchy fabric, you just need to be careful how you manoeuvre it on your cutting board so you don’t stretch it as you pin on your pattern piece and cut out. I love the ease of the pattern – there are no sleeves to insert, just a front and back piece that you cut on the fold. There are two neck options – I chose option A…I’ll come onto that in more detail in a mo!

It was a quick t-shirt to construct once you get sewing – in fact it took me longer to prepare my pattern and fabric and carefully cut out so I didn’t stretch it!

I cut out a small; the fit is perfect as a fitted t-shirt and gives me more scope for wearing the t-shirt, however I have made it with the view to using it for pilates. I still can but with hindsight it would have been a little roomier if I’d cut out a medium. That said, the pattern is made for a B cup bust…of which I’m most definitely not, so I should have also considered the full bust adjustment.

I struggled a little with the neckline as I think I miscalculated the ribbing piece – it looked great technically but was almost a cowl! It was easily fixed by pinching the excess together and veering off from my original shoulder seam to catch this into my new seam.

Hemming the t-shirt sleeves and bottom hem was painful and I was really unhappy with my work. After an hour of muttering and stomping around I hatched a plan to use ribbing (like I’d done for the neckline) – I was soooo pleased with the outcome; it finished the sleeves off beautifully and gave me a little extra length in the body so it was a really helpful fix!

Ribbing for T-shirt Hem

I don’t think this will be my last Kirsten tee; now I just need to stock up on more fabric and consider the lessons learned making this t-shirt.

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