Al Fresco Dining: Cutlery Holder Tutorial

Cutlery Holder

I’m hoping after a mixed August (I knew I’d jinxed us with my Rainy Day Tote on St Swithins!) we’ll get a Indian Summer and have lots of warm sunny days this September. I’m so confident that we’ll have a nice spell, I’ve made some cutlery holders, perfect for al fresco eating.

OK, I’ll begin by confessing that they were a by-product of another (unpublished) make. My Great Aunt is turning 90 and is very difficult to choose gifts for; what she didn’t have though was a little holder for her cutlery. When she goes out for coffee/lunch, she likes to take a small butter knife, dessert fork and mini tongs in her handbag. I made a roll (similar to my Make Up Brush Roll and Pencil Crayon Roll) to keep them clean and safe in her bag. As I’d overestimated how much fabric I’d need, I had some excess fabric and decided to make two cutlery holders. Assuming you’re not making a cutlery roll (!!) and want to make your al fresco dining accompaniment, here’s how to make your own from scratch:

(Makes 4)

  • 2 fat quarters (I picked two different patterns, however you could have two identical pieces)
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  1. With the fat quarter you are going to use as your inner, fold your fabric in half (right sides together) then fold back half of the folded fabric back on itself (if you look at your fabric sideways on, it should look like a spikey ‘h’ shape). This will make the pocket for the cutlery.
  2. Top stitch the fold to hold your fold together at the top of your pocket (the top stitching is also decorative as well as practical)
  3. Cut into quarters vertically so you have four pockets
  4. Cut your outer pieces of fabric so they are the same size as your inner
  5. For each holder, pin your two pieces of fabric together right sides together
  6. Stitch around the rectangle with a seam allowance of 1cm, leaving a 5cm gap somewhere on the bottom length for you to pull your fabric back through to the patterned side.
  7. Cut the four corners of the rectangle diagonally (not cutting your stitch line) so you don’t have a bulk of material when it is pulled the right way
  8. Turn your holder patterned side out and press your roll with a hot iron, tucking in the 5cm length you’ve not sewn
  9. Top stitch around the rectangle of your cutlery holder – this will give a great finish but also catch that 5cm gap that you didn’t sew.
Cutlery Holder In Progress 1

Step 1

Cutlery Holder - cutting line

Step 2 & 3

I love how quick and easy they are to sew, and how easy they make taking everything outside to eat (no more dropping cutlery on the floor). If you like this idea, why not make some Wine Glass Coasters too? They’re equally quick and easy to make and are perfect for late Summer evenings relaxing in the garden.


The finished Cutlery Roll Holder for my Great Aunt

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