The Perfect Swing Cape for Autumn

swing cape

It’s bye bye Summer as Autumn officially started this week. Sew Magazine came up trumps earlier this year when they gave away the New Look K6152 pattern – I loved it from the moment I saw it and knew I’d have to make myself a swing cape in time for Autumn.

New Look K6152 pattern

As I’m only little (5’ 3”) I decided to make view B, the shorter cape, as I thought the longer version (A) would swamp me. I was originally going to make this from a wool blend but a chance finding of sweatshirt fabric in Abakhan in a beautiful grape changed my plan and I bought this instead – I found it in one of the fabric bins sold by the Kilo and it was the perfect size for what I needed – I took it as a sign…particularly when they had the perfect colour lining and button! Although it is sweatshirt fabric, it looks really good…and the brushed underside will add a bit more warmth!

The pattern was easy to follow, although I’d bought way too much lining fabric and interfacing

Top Tip – My mum told me when she was dressmaking regularly she would cut out her pattern and measure it against newspaper to double check how much fabric she’d need as it was so expensive

I cut the fabric out at home, decided to make the cape at my mum’s…and promptly didn’t pick up the instructions (although I picked them up off my sewing machine and moved them out of the way when I was packing up to leave!!) so I was making the cape blind. I had a vague idea of what I needed to do but I ended up constructing the cape very differently to the instructions – yet both worked equally well. I constructed the outer and the lining separately then put the two together to sew round them to attach.

Top Tip – When I was making the button hook, I didn’t have a hook to pull my fabric tube the right way – improvising with a drinking straw and a chopstick I turned this with no issue…proof you don’t always need a sewing kit full of gadgets, however much fun we have shopping around for them!

I went into topstitch overload to finish the piece and I love the effect – it really gives such a professional finish and I’m really chuffed with how it looks. I decided to add an extra press stud to keep the front square when buttoned as I found the inside front piece slipped/drooped ever so slightly when I reached up.

Autumn swing cape

I would love to make the cape again in a tweed fabric, and the lessons I learned putting this version together will help me next time. I hope it stays warm (OK, as warm as it can be) for as long as possible so I can wear my cape lots before winter sets in…I’m giving myself until mid-October so I think it will be out every day!

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