I Heart My Overlocker

I heart my Overlocker

I bit the bullet at the end of August and finally invested in an overlocker. If I’m honest, I think I was always a bit scared of them before and as I loved French seams so much, I thought I’d get by as I was. That said, when I made my Peter Pan Baby/Toddler Dress, I wished I’d got one as I struggled with my zigzag stitch when I was sewing my side seams. It was only when my friend and I snuck off into her sewing room so I could secretly show her the dresses I’d made for her daughters (check the dresses out here – we were very good and put the present back together so you’d never know we’d opened them!) that I saw her overlocker. She has a little business making beautiful little clothes (Yellow Bug Designs is on Etsy if you want to take a look) so it’s really useful for her to overlock her seams and edges before hemming – I was converted.

After much deliberation, I settled on a Janome 9200d from John Lewis (more than anything so if anything went wrong, I could go in during my lunch break and have a live demo!) It came fully threaded up and is easy to begin using. I love the fact it is colour coded so you can work out the pathway for each thread. In readiness I’d stocked up on natural thread so I have plenty for my machine…do you think a box of 10 will be enough?! I think it will last me for a little while although if you have seen my sewing list, you might disagree!

In the first weekend after I’d picked it up, I’d made three skirts, a baby blanket and a top in an afternoon – I flew through them, I couldn’t believe how quick it made construction. The blade can be disengaged if needed so it doesn’t lop off any excess fabric as it sews.

About a month in, we (the Royal We…well actually my mum borrowing the machine!) broke a needle making a dress; but when we looked at it, she was attaching a top to a skirt, both of which had darts – I think 6 layers of scuba would be a lot for any machine to take! I was a bit apprehensive about changing the needle…silly I know as I’ve been using my Brother for ages and feel completely comfortable. I’m sure it’s just new machine nerves. Touch wood, I’m yet to have to rethread it, although I’ve got the DVD to watch to help me…or worst case, it’ll be back to John Lewis with my machine to ask for help!

So despite my slight nervousness of using the machine and making any changes, I am genuinely loving the finish it gives and the speed at which I can make things – I am so glad I bit the bullet and invested. If you haven’t already, and you’re serious about sewing, why not join me and take the plunge?

If you want to see behind the ‘seams’ in my sewing area, you might also like to meet Alice, my dressmaker’s form.

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