Hallowe’en Trick or Treat Bag

Halloween Bag

Can you believe we’re already nearing the end of October and Hallowe’en is nearly upon us?! No, me neither. But it is and that means for those of you with children, they may well be asking you to go Trick or Treating. If so, you’ll love this handmade sweet bag for them to collect their goodies in.

The actual pattern and concept itself is from Debbie Shore; in her first issue of Sew Inspired magazine, Debbie makes very cute heart shaped bags for Christmas. I decided to use the basic shape to make a heart/pumpkin shaped bag. All you will need to make your bag is a fat quarter of fabric (and I still had some good scraps left over!) and some ribbon.

In Sew Inspired, there is a free gift (amongst others) of a heart template. For my bag, I chose to draw around the template for the biggest setting. I cut out two outers and two inners (you could use contrasting fabric for your lining of you wish). As I was making the bag for a little one, I used two short lengths of ribbon to make little handles – I was concerned I had made them too short but much longer and the bag could have been easily dragged on the floor.

I began by attaching my ribbon handles to my bag. I did this by sandwiching a length of ribbon between two hearts with the ends of the ribbon just poking out of each hump (I also repeated this with the other length of ribbon and the remaining two hearts) – when sandwiching, the hearts need to have the right sides of the fabric facing inwards (so you can see the wrong sides).

Debbie has a clever method of making the bag where you begin by sewing from one hump to the same position on the opposite side of your heart (so you’re sewing an M shape). I measured up the same distance both sides to make sure my M was even, and I transferred these markings to the other heart pair so I could do the same with this after I’d sewn my M on my first pair. Once you’ve done this, you will need to snip notches out of your humps (taking care not to snip your stitches) to help when you come to turn your bag later on.

Next, you will need to sew the two Vs together. Debbie recommends you make sure your stitches from your M and V meet, but don’t overlap (I did slightly on mine – I got away with it but if you look closely, it looks slightly puckered) To sew your Vs, place your two heart pairs back to back and sew together the two Vs that are on the inside of the sandwich. Repeat with the two outer Vs, leaving a gap along one of the edges for turning. Before turning, cut straight across the V (taking care not to cut your stitches) to remove any fabric bulk.

Once you have turned and pressed your bag, you’ll just need to tuck in your raw edges and stitch along these to close the gap (as I favour when I’m sewing and topstitching – you may have seen my do this on my Baby’s Play Mat tutorial)

So there you have it! One little swag bag, ready to be filled with sweets. I really would recommend buying Sew Inspired – there are some great ideas, a DVD showing Debbie making the bag, as well as many more items, and the heart template (which you can use for a number of projects).

Alternatively, if you’re newer to sewing and don’t feel confident making this bag, why not use my Lunch Tote or Rainy Day Bag tutorial to make a rectangular bag from your Hallowe’en inspired fabric?

Happy Trick or Treating!

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