A First Foray into Knicker Making

Simply Sewing Knickers

I’ve thought for ages that I wanted to have a go at making knickers…for those of you who have read my Minnie Mouse Baby Dress post, you’ll know I’ve had a little go from when I made the cute little matching knickers/nappy cover, as tricky as I found the hemming of the tiny little legs! But now it’s time to make some grown up girl sized knickers, so when Simply Sewing had this as their free gift in Issue 9, it felt like fate!

The kit came with everything I would need and I LOVE the polka dot fabric and orangey coral elastic and ribbon – they look great together.

Cutting out the fabric for the knickers, I was very sceptical; even though I’d cut out a small they looked huge! Thankfully, when I got to adding the elastic, it pulled them in nicely (cue: me breathing a huge sigh of relief that I wasn’t making a pair of massive Bridget Jones inspired pants…although given that they’re currently filming the newest instalment of Bridget Jones in London as I write, it would’ve been quite a timely post).

As silly as it sounds, I was amazed how quickly I mastered adding the elastic as I had serious concerns I’d mess it up; in the main I’m fairly confident when it comes to construction and in comparison to some things I’ve made, this is very simple, but nevertheless I had my reservations. When I’ve used elastic in the past (like in the Girls Elasticated Skirt) I’ve used a casing and fed the elastic through so this was new territory for me. I had some lacy elastic left to practice with on a fabric scrap and this put my mind at rest .

After adding a little bow, they were ready to try on…although they are marginally on the big side, they aren’t bad for a first attempt.

When I told my friends what I’d made, they were really surprised. As I explained to them, if I’m honest I’m not sure this will see me making my underwear moving forward, but it was fun to try making something new – I’m tempted now to have a go with stretchy fabric, before I have a go at making swimwear.

I was also asked if I was going to model this pair for you all as I added it to the blog (!!) Put a picture of myself in underwear on the internet…seriously?! Clearly I’m not that brave but I think I’ve captured them well enough to share the finished result with you.

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5 thoughts on “A First Foray into Knicker Making

  1. navybluethreads says:

    I’d love to have a go at making underwear, but it seems like a fair few specialist ‘ingredients’ are needed, but it is on my list! I guess that’s where your pack comes in handy and as you say, always good to try something new. Hope they’re comfy!


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