Felt Robin Tree Decoration {Countdown to Christmas}

robin tree decoration

For those of you who saw my Felt Bird post earlier this year, you’ll be pleased to know it’s back and taking on a rather festive form as we count down to Christmas!

As well as being synonymous with Christmas, the Robin is very symbolic in my home as a symbol of someone you love that has passed away. We regularly have a robin in our garden keeping an eye on us and my partner is sure without doubt that it is his mum. So as he doesn’t read my blog, I’m going to share with you one of my latest projects that I have been working on from the peace (and secrecy!) of my office at lunchtimes ready for Christmas Day.

This design is much simpler than the original felt bird but the process is very much the same. After cutting out my component pieces, I used thread as close in colour as possible to make very tiny stitches in the felt to layer the component pieces together. To make it double sided I had to mirror the design for the back so that when it twists on the tree, it looks perfect from all angles.

I then half sewed the front and back together and stuffed the bird lightly to give it a little shape. I used a short length of ribbon to hand it with, before closing the gap I’d left for stuffing. I like to save the small lengths of ribbon that you get in new clothes to help them stay on the hanger – obviously they can be a pain and be visible when you wear your new clothes, so I cut them out and keep the ribbon.

I have found the felt birds incredibly therapeutic to make and they’re great for a project on the go! They make brilliant stocking fillers and can be made in an afternoon.

Don’t forget to check back in on Wednesday where we’ll be making some delicious chocolate fudge; you’ll be amazed how quickly you can make it…and it won’t surprise you that it will be a huge hit with your family and friends.

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