The Stepford Apron Tutorial

Christmas Apron

I love this apron; it’s so Vintage-meets-Stepford and it’s beautiful to wear. I actually made this for my Auntie at Christmas and I can’t tell you how much I wanted to keep it. I bought the fabric a couple of years ago from The Corner Patch but couldn’t bear to cut into it until this year. As I loved the red in the fabric, I decided to use a red polka dot contrast fabric to really pick this out.

It’s so quick and easy to make, you’ll be able to make one within an hour; here’s how:

You will need:

  • A half metre of your chosen fabric
  • A half metre of contrasting fabric
  • Matching or contrasting thread
  • Tape measure
  • Tailors Chalk (or pencil)
  • Set Square, T Square, or Perspex Patchwork Ruler to get the perfect right angle
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Sewing machine


  1. For your apron, cut your half metre piece into two (assuming it is 45” fabric, you will cut your 50cm x 114cm piece into two, so each piece will measure 50cm x 57cm)
  2. From your contrasting fabric, cut two rectangles measuring 12cm x 100cm for the apron ties
  3. Also from your contrasting fabric, cut two squares 25cm x 25cm
  4. For each of your apron tie rectangles, fold them in half lengthways (with the right side facing outwards) and press the fold. Open this back up and fold both edges into the centre fold and press (if you were to open it back out, it should look like you have three folds, splitting your rectangle into quarters lengthways). Fold each apron tie in half lengthways on your original fold so the raw edges are contained within the folds and press again to keep your folds in place
  5. Pin your two pocket pieces together, right sides together

Assembling your Apron:

  1. Sew around your pocket pieces 1cm from the edge, leaving a 10cm gap in the middle of one of the sides.
  2. Cut the corners of your sewn pocket piece diagonally to avoid fabric bulk (mind you don’t cut your stitches though – I would recommend cutting 2-3mm away)
  3. Turn your pocket piece the right way and press with a warm iron, turning in the flap of fabric that you’ve not sewn, then put your pocket to one side
  4. Using a quarter inch (or 0.5cm) seam allowance, sew a straight line of stitches on both long edges of each apron tie, and tuck in and sew along along one small edge – this will keep the folds in place and give you a professional finish – I would recommend sewing the side with two folds first, and the side with one fold second.
  5. Position your pocket in the middle of the rectangle you wish to be your apron front and pin in place
  6. Sew around the three edges, leaving the top edge unsewn for the opening of the pocket
  7. Pin your two apron pieces together, right sides together
  8. Take your pinned apron pieces and sew along the top edge, 1cm from the edge
  9. Unpin your apron and lie in out on your work surface with the right side of the fabric facing upwards
  10. Position your apron ties on your apron – your unsewn small edge will need to be on the edge of your apron (this will be sewn when we hem the edge) and the ties themselves need to face inwards so they don’t inadvertently get caught in your stitches (I did this when I made my Make Up Roll Tutorial!!) – I pinned mine in place
  11. Fold the apron back over the apron front to sandwich the ties (right sides together) and pin back into place
  12. Sew around the three remaining edges with a 1cm seam allowance, leaving another 10-15cm gap along one edge
  13. Turn your apron the right way and press with a warm iron, turning in the flap of fabric that you’ve not sewn
  14. Top stitch around your apron for a pretty edge (when you get to the open bit, if you fold your fabric in before you top stitch, you will close the gap and no-one will know where you’ve turned it – just like on your apron pocket!)

If you think some of the techniques look familiar, you won’t be far wrong; you will have seen them before when I made the Baby Blanket too!

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