Sew With Lauren Pyjama Bottoms Pattern Review…or, Being Clever Doesn’t Pay

Make your own pajamas

If you caught my Learn to Sew with Lauren Book Review you’ll know I was quite taken with the pyjama bottoms pattern and put them on my list of things to make; I was hoping to make them ready for Christmas Eve but I found myself running out of time fast so they slipped into my list for January.

I also took my time making them as I was looking for fabric – brushed cotton is not as widely found as you’d think, and many of the fabrics you can find seem to be geared towards children. I ended up looking at brushed cotton flat sheets and found a fab stag print set on eBay (I know, I’m doing really well with my eBay purchases!) I was a bit disappointed when it arrived as the stag print is bigger than it looked in the picture on eBay but I still love it!

The pattern once again is fab and the pyjama bottoms really easy to assemble (although you’d expect this in a beginner sewing book). I thought I was being clever by making the legs a little longer so I had plenty of room and warm ankles but it made them very, very long and I ended up cutting the additional fabric off (!!) so be aware of that one if you have a go.

Do stick with the seam allowance of 5/8 inch – I didn’t – again, trying to be clever and making my legs baggier for comfort…I kid you not but they fitted my partner when they were fully assembled so you will have plenty of room if you follow Lauren’s instructions.

My third fail was not disengaging the blade on my overlocker and cutting into the fabric – using the overlocker was fab and gave a great finish but this put a dampener on my smug face. It was easily fixed but very frustrating as I was flying through assembly at that point.

My final fail was making an elasticated waist…again I made this big enough for a man with a 32” waist (!!) and would have been much better following the instructions and making them as Lauren recommended from the outset. I was ready to cry at this point (I’m not a crier!) and nearly gave up. But after I unpicked and started again, this time following the instructions properly and not trying to be clever with my good fabric (if it was a toile, it wouldn’t have mattered!) – have you guessed I don’t do making mistakes very well?!

So the moral of the story is that trying to be clever doesn’t always pay…unless you know what you’re making! That said, now I’ve made them properly, I do have a great pair of pyjama bottoms to relax in during the winter evenings. They are really roomy (even when I made them the correct size) and very snuggly. I’m now looking at lovely cotton fabrics for a summer version…thankfully this time I’m spoilt for choice on patterns!

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