When is a Men’s T Shirt Pattern Not a T Shirt Pattern?


Love Sewing have done it again; for those of you who have been following my Ruby Dress and Button Down Back Top makes you’ll know I’ve raved about the patterns from Love Sewing. You’ll be forgiven for thinking I am sponsored by the magazine (I’m not I must add!) but once again, they’ve come up trumps with a great men’s t shirt pattern. When I first saw it, it stood out as an obvious make for Mr WCDN, and I will make him one, but I’ve tried the pattern in a Corrine sized t shirt first.

I love men’s t shirts; if I buy them in XS, they are nice and roomy but not so much that I look stupid. They look great with a pair of yoga/pilates leggings or with shorts in the summer; plus Next have brought out two of my favourites: a Rolling Stones tee and a Jack Daniels one!

So, as I have selfishly trialled this pattern for me, I decided to use some gorgeous coral jersey fabric from Abakhan. I bought it last Autumn to make a self drafted t shirt but I didn’t get round to making it; this pattern landing on my doormat was obviously meant to be! I cut out the t shirt in XS, which was a couple of inches bigger on the chest than I’d make for a ladies version.

The making up of the t shirt was really easy and less painless than the Button Down Back Top (well it would be when you don’t break two needles or get your overlocker unthreaded…seriously, I couldn’t fix it for love nor money for a good hour – serves me right for sewing in the late evening!) I’d made it in under two hours (you know I’m a bit on the slow side – speed sewists, you’ll easily make this in less time).

I love the make up of the t shirt – I particularly liked the insertion of the neckline; it gave me an alternative to my Maria Denmark Kimono Tee (check out that review here) but I found it even easier. The only thing I didn’t like was the finished length of the sleeves but I love them now I’ve folded them back a little!

I can’t wait to wear my new t shirt for Pilates; I think coral is my new colour, it also matches my jacket and trainers (maybe I’ll buy a different coloured jersey for the next one!)

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