Lauren Guthrie Simple Sleeveless Top Review

Simple Sleeveless Top Pattern Review

For those of you who read my Learn To Sew With Lauren Review last October, you’ll know I bought the book solely for this pattern. I love the simple pullover style of the top, and especially love the neckline. It’s a perfect top for dressing up or down and would look great in both work and casual wardrobes. This beautiful cotton fabric was a find in Abakhan…in fact, I finished the bolt! I love turquoise and couldn’t resist the tiny flamingo pattern – it’s fab!

Let me start by saying how pleased I am with the pattern pieces and sizing – they are very similar to the sizing that UK shops use, so you are generally making the size you would buy (some commercial patterns seem to come out a little small and make even me feel enormous so the psychology of this clearly works on me!)

There are only two pattern pieces (front and back) that are cut on the fold and construction is even easier – once you’ve sewn your darts you’ve only got to sew your shoulders and sides, hem the bottom and bind the neckline and arm holes – it’s super quick to construct and you can easily sew one in a couple of hours (probably quicker, I’m not known for my Great British Sewing Bee Speed Sewing skills!)

The only thing you need to bear in mind is your bust size – the patterns are cut for a B cup. I am a bit bigger than that and found that this led to a bit of a gape in the neckline, which was annoying. I managed to fix this with a couple of darts in the neckline, but nonetheless I was a bit disappointed and it took the shine off my first attempt at making the top. That said, I think if I was making it in a fabric with a little stretch, I could get away with the smaller size that would stretch across the bust…or even easier, do a full bust adjustment…but in my haste of wanting to try the pattern, I just got on with it and made my top! (Oh, the irony!)

That hiccup aside, I still love the top and it only needed a small tweak to perfect it. When I was constructing it, I was undecided whether to have visible or invisible bound edges – I plumped for invisible in the end but visible white bound edges would have also looked great and really picked out the white flamingo pattern.

I’ve had lots of ideas from my (now termed) ‘Practice Run’ and will definitely be making more in the coming months.

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