A Twist on A Ruby Dress

Ruby Dress Adaptation

For those of you who have seen my Love Sewing Ruby Dress, you’ll know just how much fun I had making this and I have some lovely feedback from lots of other lovely people who had also made my own. This twist of an idea popped into my head in the middle of the night and woke me up. I love my sleep so lying wide awake with a head whirring with ideas was not welcome at the time. That said, I was pretty pleased with myself when the idea came to me; I wanted to add a contrasting waistband – before I’d always felt like the dress, as lovely as it was, was missing something, and this was clearly what it was missing.

After deliberating for days over what colour I wanted, I found some beautiful 4 inch lace on eBay. It didn’t disappoint when it arrived; it is a beautiful sunshine yellow and it goes perfectly with the cobalt blue. Now the easiest thing would have been to add the waistband when I was constructing the dress; it would have definitely helped me with the raw edges, but alas, I thought of it a good few months later so I had to make do.

Alice was a massive help (definitely one of the most useful birthday presents I’ve ever had…seven months before my actual birthday. I also had my Christmas present – boots – in early September, but that’s another story! Love my mum!) in fact, it was very funny having her downstairs for a couple of days – she made everyone jump when they came into the lounge! J

I spent longer pinning the lace waistband and trying my dress on to check it was OK than I actually spent sewing the two lines of stitches to secure it onto the dress. I’m pleased I did though as I’d have hated for it to have been wonky. Because it was lace, folding the lace under at either end was a little bit fiddly but tacking it in place and using my zipper foot I made it!

I can’t believe such a simple addition has completely transformed my Ruby dress and has made it feel a lot more special for me to wear. I can’t wait for it to be summer again in the UK so I can try it out.

How have you adapted your Ruby Dress pattern? If you’ve not yet made one, you can read my review of the pattern here

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