Love Sewing’s Flo Dress Pattern Review

Girls Party Dress

My friend’s daughter is celebrating turning 3 as you read this and I’m so excited to be sharing her present with you! Love Sewing posted the Flo Dress last year and it very quickly went in my pattern file for this very reason. You can see the dresses I made for M’s first and second birthdays here and here. She particularly loved her Twirly Whirly Dress (as she calls it) so I knew I needed to up my game again this year; the Flo Dress fits the bill perfectly!

The pattern suggests you need 1.5m of fabric – you can get away with less if you’re making a smaller size but I still used just over a metre in total. My Instagram followers will know I ordered the beautiful fabric from Abakhan on New Year’s Eve (seriously, it comes to something when you spend your evening looking at increasing your fabric stash!) It’s a gorgeous pink flamingo print cotton and is making an equally gorgeous big girl dress (coming soon – I can’t wait to show you this one too!)

The Flo Dress has a beautiful lined bodice and twirly skirt – I’d have loved this myself when I was younger. I couldn’t believe how much fabric I cut out to use for the skirt – it felt like too much before I gathered it but once gathered, I could see exactly why and I was so happy with the fullness of it!

The bodice is not dissimilar to the Spin Around Dress in its construction and looks gorgeous – lining the bodice gives such a beautiful finish. It’s a very quick dress to construct – had I had everything I needed at the beginning, I’d have finished it in an evening…but in my haste to get started I hadn’t ordered my zip (so had to wait a whole two days to pop it in and finish up).

I can’t wait to see M in her dress, she’s going to look such a little cutie. I hope she loves it as much as her Spin Around Dress and the little skirts I’ve made her (they’re fab for little ones as they’re easy to put on by themselves with no fastenings).

If you love this and would love a grown up version for yourself, have you checked out my Ruby Dress post? If you are looking at making mum and daughter dresses, this is relatively close. If you just want a twirly dress, it definitely fits the bill with its circle skirt (I love mine!)

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