Simplicity 8014 Shirt Dress Pattern Review


Shirt Dress Pattern Review

Just in time for Spring, I’m sharing with you my pattern review of the Simplicity 8014 Shirt Dress. Love Sewing featured it in their magazine a couple of issues ago…timed perfectly with my friend and I discussing finding a pattern so we could make for the perfect denim shirt dress. She very kindly bought it for us both to trace – she rocks!

The fabric was a cheapy eBay find and is light blue chambray – I’ll be honest, from the picture I was expecting more of a denim look but it is more cotton look. That said, it was less than £9 for all of the fabric I needed so even if I ended up using it as a toile, I wouldn’t be too upset. The denim issue aside, it is a great fabric to work with, is nice and light and the colour works perfectly with my lily white skin – it’ll be perfect for my Spring to Summer dress so I’ve not faired too badly from my gamble.

I decided to go with view D as I liked the shaped dress bottom although I used the sleeves from view A as I preferred the roll up option. The dress itself was easy to put together, I loved the gathering on the back section of the dress (I may use this pattern and change it to make a sleeveless top…but that’s probably one for another day!). I did struggle a bit with the split in the sleeve near the cuff – I don’t think I did a great job of attaching the continuous lap (funnily enough my friend who bought the pattern had dropped in for a cuppa the next day and had a RTW shirt on so I could see how it should be done – I wasn’t far off but I really didn’t get to grips with it at the time)

The only other bug bear I had with the pattern was the amount of button holes and buttons I had to sew…I know, I should have expected it (the clue was in the title wasn’t it…it’s a shirt dress!!) but I started to lose the will to live at the end. I found some simple brown buttons from Dunelm, which I’m really pleased with. They look fab with the chambray and give it more of a denim feel. You’ll notice I used blue thread for my stitching on the dress; I did consider contrast thread (like you would expect with denim) but when I was stood in Dunelm trying threads against my fabric swatch, I was taken by the blue!

You’ll notice the obvious omissions of the pocket(s) on the front (I wasn’t fussed either way with them) and the belt…the reality is I ran out of fabric for the belt but would I have worn it? I have my doubts; I think I would probably use a different belt (probably tan) which would go well with my shoes (probably also tan, wedges, very summery). Overall, I am pretty pleased with how this dress has turned out and I can’t wait to wear it over the summer! Well done Simplicity, the 8014 is a great pattern!

If you like this dress, you’ll love the laid backness of my Button Down Back Top – again, it’s a great between seasons wear that is both light but with a bit of cover to keep you warm enough as the evenings cool down.

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