Another Take on The Peter Pan Baby/Toddler Dress Pattern

pinafore dress

Have you seen my post on the Baby/Toddler Dress using the Peter Pan Free Dress Pattern from The Small Dream Factory. This is one of the first proper items of clothing I’d sewn and I was really proud of how I adapted the pattern to bring my idea to life. Do you remember I made the first dress for little M? (She’s just had her third birthday – you can see the dress I made her here) Well her equally gorgeous little sister E is just turning one so I stayed with the tradition of the same dress pattern but this time played with a different adaptation.

As you can see, I cut out the top and skirt pieces separately rather than joining them as I did for M’s dress – this allowed me to line the bodice as I did when I made the Spin Around Dresses and left a really nice finish. I had two options: extend the back pieces so they crossed over (and I could add press studs like I did on my Spin Around Dress) or leave the pieces as they were and have a button loop fastening – as you can see I went for the latter for a quirky little pinafore (it is also super practical for her lovely mummy when she is battling a wriggling E when she’s trying to dress her). Hopefully as E is just turning 1, she can wear it with a little top underneath during the spring and a little t shirt towards the Summer.

I chose a patterned cotton from The Corner Patch for the dress (sadly this has used up the last of my stash and Jane doesn’t stock it anymore); I bought it when I made my Garden Girl Quilt last year. I love the polka dot lining too; it’s a great contrast! I finished the dress with beautiful chocolate ribbon to contrast against the pattern of the fabric.

Top Tip: To seal the ends of a ribbon sash, carefully (without burning your finger tips) touch the raw edge against a hot iron – if you do this, remember to clean your iron before you use it to press anything else!

In comparison to the last time I sewed a dress using this pattern, the finish is so much better; I’ve loved using my overlocker for a great finish, and I hope that E really enjoys wearing this dress.

If you like this dress, you might also like this other super tiny dress – my Mini Mouse Dress and Knickers set

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