It Began with Instagram – The Colette Lily Dress


Colette Patterns Lily Dress

It began with an Instagram photo during House of Pinheiro‘s #sewphotohop last Summer – someone posted a picture of a gorgeous dress they’d made, the Colette Patterns Lily Dress, and I knew I had to make it too. I bought the pattern straight away but I ran out of time to make it for last Summer as I had so many ideas already on my to do list so it’s taken me until now to make it.

This is my first Colette pattern make and I’ve got to tell you how impressed I am – if you’ve not had the pleasure of owning one, Colette patterns arrive as a little book, with the paper pattern tucked away neatly in the back. The book itself sets out the instructions in really easy to follow step by step instructions; I didn’t once have to read an instruction to myself 7 times before it sunk in (I’m sure I’m not the only one who has these mental blocks – how does talking yourself through it again and again help?!)

There are lots of pieces to this pattern – it looks like LOADS as you’re tracing and cutting them out, but stick with it, as the dress panels go together really well and really add to such a beautiful shape.

The fabric was a pink and white flamingo print cotton from Abakhan – I’m not a great fan of pink and rarely buy clothes that are pink however having lily white skin and legs the purpley colour of corned beef, I needed a colour that would look good with or without a tan. Interestingly I must have softened to the idea of wearing pink as I bought this fabric at the same time as buying fabric for my Button Down Back Top.

I whipped this up in a day (if you total up my late night sewing stints) and I absolutely enjoyed every minute. Generally I’ll have at least one meltdown per item, I didn’t, the nearest I got was having a bit of trouble inserting the invisible zip for a few moments (note to self, stop at 11pm, you will be sleepy and may sew things back to front!) I was warned to err on the side of caution with this pattern and size up rather than down if I measured between sizes. I needn’t have worried (especially if I’d made a toile first!) and I ended up taking my dress in a little on the bust; I didn’t take in the waist or hips, they look fine a little loose and will be more comfortable on a hot day, although if I make this again, I’d cut out a size smaller. I can see where I have taken it in and how it has affected the top of the dress but my friend (a fellow dressmaker) inspected it and she couldn’t see, which has put my mind at rest for when I wear it.

Having made it, I’d love to see what it would be like in jersey (sans zip) – I’d love to have a go as it would make a great sundress to pull over a bikini.

If you like the Lily Dress I’m sure you’ll enjoy my Ruby Dress post. If long Summer days are on your mind, you might also want to check out my Playsuit post (so easy to make!)

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10 thoughts on “It Began with Instagram – The Colette Lily Dress

  1. victoriajohns75 says:

    That is super pretty…. guess I better check out Colette Patterns.
    By Hand London come in pretty boxes with easy to follow booklets and I love that style

    Liked by 1 person

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