The Amazingly Easy Pillowcase Dress

Girls Pillowcase Dress

If you love sewing for the little people in your life and have a spare hour, you’ll love this really simple tutorial for a Pillowcase Dress. Not only is it a great stash buster but it’s a beautifully cool summer dress with no annoying fasteners (although you do have to hold them still for long enough to tie a bow!)

Originally these dresses were made from actual pillowcases; if you’ve cottoned on to the hack of buying inexpensive supermarket duvet sets (and if you haven’t, you need to take a look – you get lots of cotton for your money and generally they are easy care so don’t crease too easily), you could use the pillowcase to make a Mini-Me dress!

My friend made these dresses for her daughters when they were tinier tots and they always looked super cute in them. She told me she got the measurements for each age from Sew Like My Mom, and it worked perfectly every time so I decided to do the same and would thoroughly recommend both the tutorial and the measurements chart. I’ve purposefully not reproduced it as the tutorial is fab and has lots of lovely step by step photos! So whilst I can’t even begin to take credit for this make, I couldn’t wait to share it with you as I was so pleased to find it!

As you can see, one metre was ample for a dress…I even had fabric left over for a skirt. If you’ve seen my Girls Elasticated Skirt and Two Colour Elasticated Skirt posts, you’ll know little M loves these skirts as they’re pull on, so even when she was as young as 2, she could pull them on herself and feel really grown up for doing so. As a was sending these down for her and her sister, you guessed it, I decided to make sister skirts. M’s skirt matches E’s dress and E’s skirt was made with the leftover fabric from M’s dress. I don’t know if they’ll love this or curse my name when they’re older and they look back at their matching clothes! I hope they’ll look back and think how cool they looked.

Elasticated Waist Skirt

If this hasn’t convinced you that the pillowcase dress is the dress for the summer, did you know as the little one grows and the dress becomes too short, it can still be worn as a top? Double winner! So what are you waiting for; all you’ll need is some beautiful fabric from your stash and some pretty ribbon and you’re away!

If you like this post, did you know this isn’t the first dress I’ve made for M or E this year? You can find M’s Flo Dress here and E’s Pinafore Dress here.

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