Prima Skirt – August 2014 Pattern (with a pretty sizeable modification)

A Line Skirt Pattern Review

I confess, I’ve had this pattern in my stash for ages. I should have made this immediately after my mum passed it on two years ago; you see, I adore both the top and the skirt in the pattern. I’d have loved to have made this skirt in a beautiful bold print but regular readers will know only too well that I’m not shy of a pattern. You can count on one hand the amount of plain tops I own so I’ve had to rein myself in and stick to plain bottoms.

I found the perfect fabric in Abakhan when I visited their flagship Mostyn store (you can read about my first visit via the link – I still love visiting here just as much); it’s a beautiful purple Spandex (the perfect fabric for a body con dress if you want to make one!). It drapes beautifully and has a wonderful stretch to it. I also picked up a matching invisible zip whilst I was there.

I made the skirt as per the pattern and instructions, although I wanted it to be a proper midi skirt and sit at the knee so I added another inch to the length when I traced the pattern out. As with the Playsuit I made, the instructions were really easy to follow and I whipped up the skirt in no time (I’m no speed sewist so I know it can be done quicker, but once cut out, it only took me 2hrs to make up).

It sewed like a dream – I managed the perfect invisible zip (those of you who have read my Lily Dress post will know I’ve not always been so successful sewing these little lovelies!) From then on, I felt like I was invincible!

I have to confess it looked dreadful on me when I made it – you see I’m a slight pear shape; only very slightly more pear than hourglass, but enough that the pleats made my bum look like the size of a small country (to quote The Divine Comedy’s track National Express). Thankfully I’d only tacked it in place to try on for the fit (hence why the pleats on the photo don’t look very neat).

work in progress sewing

So after a very promising start, I ended up going to bed feeling totally deflated and like I’d completely wasted my time…and perfect invisible zip. By morning I’d mulled over my options and  decided to take the skirt in to make a classic A line skirt. I’ve still got my swish at the bottom, the gorgeous waistband detail (and most importantly my perfect invisible zip!) but none of the bulk. Winner!

If you like this make, you’ll love my Ruby Dress post – it’s also got a beautiful swishy skirt and you can find the review here!

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