The Epitomy of Smart Casual – The Grainline Morris Blazer

Simple Blazer Jacket Pattern

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Does anyone else find that when you’re looking for something to wear, a cardi can sometimes be a bit too dressed down, but your blazer can feel a bit too dressed up? I do! I’d seen the Grainline Morris Blazer made up by a few different people and it felt like the answer…in short, it absolutely is.

The lovely people at Minerva Crafts very kindly sent me both the pattern and some gorgeous royal blue ponte roma – let me tell you, the quality is lovely and it’s super soft; the perfect fabric for all of the comfort of a cardi but the shape and structure of something a little smarter.

If you were looking very closely at my Instagram feed during the Sewing Weekender last month (or reading my comments from my Sewing Weekender review) you’ll know this was my chosen project and do you know what, I nearly made it in one day, despite me chatting for most of it. I stopped at about 5.30 as I was getting tired so I only had to secure my facings when I got home.

The Morris Blazer is a confident beginner pattern and is pretty easy to construct. If you’ve not done this before, you can practice gathering, setting in sleeves and adding facings (the blazer is unlined) – if you’ve not attempted sleeves before, I like jersey as it’s a little more forgiving if you don’t quite gather quite right (certainly easier that working with a woven) but I know for some people, sewing with jersey feels like a bit of a challenge (it’s really not when you’re careful to feed your fabric through being mindful not to stretch it.)

As the Morris is unlined, I decided to use a Hong Kong finish on my seams so that when I was carrying my jacket, or it was slung over the back of a chair, the inside looks just as pretty. I found some beautiful red bias binding from The Corner Patch, which looks great paired with the royal blue of the ponte. If you’ve not attempted Hong Kong seams before, I would recommend looking this up online for some great tutorials. I had a good idea how to do them, however I decided to check my understanding of this technique in my Alison Smith sewing bible, which as some of you will know, is my right hand resource after my mum, and slightly ahead of You Tube.

The only slight issue I had (although it was nearing lunch – as Hannah said, I might have been getting hangry) was sewing the neck piece to the shoulders and I had to do a little unpicking – I’m still not sure I’ve totally nailed it, but the neck piece that rolls on itself will hide any slight imperfections (to be honest, you’d probably pick it up and not notice…but I will)

If you’ve been thinking about getting this pattern, my advice would be to go for it – I am so pleased with my finished Morris Blazer and already have plans for more; after all, Minerva Crafts have a great selection of ponte to choose from and I know the quality is great. Being clever and choosing a plain jacket opens up the possibilities to how I can pair it up with my many patterned tops – I’m liking the idea of wearing this jacket with a Breton top and jeans – what do you think?

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