Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers

Sew Over It Ultimate Trouser Pattern

Until now I’ve been a little bit terrified of making trousers. I’ve made pyjama bottoms and a playsuit, so I’ve had some practice, but even so trouser making remained a slightly scary prospect. Thankfully my friend was also a little hesitant so we decided to take a trouser making course. The original plan was to go down to London for a day at Sew Over It‘s Ultimate Trousers course, but we were struggling with the dates, so my friend hit upon the idea for us to spend the day with a contact of hers than ran local dressmaking and tailoring classes.

I’ve got to admit, we were supposed to have our trouser making day in August…then I won the Sewing Weekender golden ticket and we had to postpone (my friend was very understanding!) On the flip side, the Sewing Weekender introduced me to Lucy at Sew Essential – an online sewing superstore with a warehouse not far from where I live but that I’d never heard of before!
We got chatting and I told Lucy about ditching my friend for the weekend. Lucy was just in the process of ordering in the Sew Over It pattern range to add to Sew Essential’s already fab selection of Indie patterns (which I love) and we hit upon the idea of collaborating on this project. Lucy has very kindly sent me the pattern with some beautiful stretch cotton. They have a great range of John Kaldor plain stretch cotton (for someone who loves a pattern, plain skirts/trousers are a must! Plus they’re more forgiving for my pear shape).

Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers pattern

The cotton is great quality and has a slight sheen to it, it looked fantastic to work with and cut like a dream! The pattern is really very simple with only four pattern pieces (of which two are waistband facings) – perfect if you’ve not made trousers before. The construction of the trousers was also very straightforward with easy to follow instructions (another reason why I love indie patterns). Depending on your fabric, you may or may not need to edge your cut pieces with your overlocker or zigzag stitch prior to constructing your trousers however if you do, you are guaranteed a more professional finish, however it’s not essential.

Sew Over It Ultimate Trouser Pattern

The one slight amendment I made during construction was to sew in my invisible zip prior to sewing the outside seam, rather than afterwards; this meant that I could ensure that they lined up a little more easily (if you’ve read my Flo Dress review, you’ll see I hated this bit – I used this tip when constructing my A Line Skirt though and the zip went in like a dream!) I only had to make a slight adjustment when fitting to take the thigh seams in by a couple of millimetres (only because my hips are proportionally bigger than the rest of my body – but when you cut out the size to fit my hips, it can be too big on the leg or waist).

The trousers really are the ultimate trousers; side fastening (so no bulk on your tummy), slim fitting classic design and ankle grazing, they are now a staple piece in my wardrobe and I’m looking at other stretch cottons to make more pairs!

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