Why You Should Be Making Your Own Bias Binding

make your own bias tape

I must confess, when I’d seen patterns where I’d been instructed to make my own bias binding, I panicked and went racing over to The Corner Patch for a few metres of ready made – it looked so complicated! What a fool, it’s really not, and you can pick up a bias maker really cheaply from your local sewing supplies store or online. I bought a Clover bias maker a couple of months ago; I’d read online through the wider sewing community that this was the best brand (in their opinion) and more effective that some other bias makers. After waiting patiently for the supplier to send it from the US for me, I was able to get started.

Top Tip: By Hand London’s Elizalex shared a tip on Instagram recently recommending marking bias strips with masking tape for ease of cutting out and storing (to prevent it being pulled out of shape during storage) – try it, it’s a brilliant cheat!

bias binding masking tape

make your own bias binding

I bought a 1” bias tape maker as I thought this would be a good universal width for most projects. To use it, you simply need to feed the fabric strip into your bias tape maker with the wrong side facing up – feed it right through to the other end and carefully use your iron to press the creases (which fold the two raw edges into the centre of the bias tape. I would recommend having an inch ironed for my next tip – use a pin to attach the tape to your ironing board. Anchoring this end in place allows you to slowly pull your bias binding maker away from that end, feeding more folded tape through – you can then move your iron slowly across this to crease your folds until you get to the end. You can see there is a handle to pull however I find I can control it better by holding the tape maker like this:

make your own bias binding

The effect you get from using your own bias binding is fabulous. Whilst there are plenty of projects you can use ready made bias binding, nothing quite beats having matching tape. You’ll see I recently used this for my Deer and Doe Datura Top – I don’t think I would have achieved the same effect without making my own and I’m sure you’ll agree, it looks great!


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