When Something’s Not Quite Right…

Ta dah! Do you like my new dress?

Err, yes, it is my A line skirt. If you’ve not read that post (you can find it here), the upshot is I decided to make a twirly pleated skirt I’ve seen everywhere in recent months – it absolutely did not work for me so because I’d sewn the perfect invisible zip (and if you’ve read my Lily Dress post, you’ll know how much I hate them!) I persevered and turned the skirt into an equally swishy A line skirt. Since making it I’ve worn it and it doesn’t feel quite right…I can’t put my finger on why, but given my feelings on it, you can guarantee it will sit unloved in my wardrobe.

The idea to change it came to me late one Saturday night…and true to form the fabric and scissors came out..usually I wouldn’t advocate cutting out projects on a whim at 11.30pm as I’m known to do this and make mistakes but on this occasion it didn’t trip me up…phew! In the summer I made a wrap dress in beautiful Liberty print jersey, and the shape was gorgeous. I figured I could copy the bodice and pair it with the skirt, I could rescue my beautiful wasted scuba fabric – I mean, come on, look at that purple, it’s gorgeous!

Learning from last time, I got a better fit across the bust by ignoring the instructions and pulling it a little tighter  (I’d thoroughly recommend quilting clips to hold your fabric together instead of pinning – it makes taking your bodice off a doddle!) although the rest of the construction was largely the same. I found my facings still tried to peek through (despite me understitching them) so I used my faithful Wundaweb to bond them in place.

So now I have another beautiful dress with a completely useless  (but look what a great job I made of making it invisible) zip! I think it will be the perfect party dress for Christmas – I don’t think even these lovely photos do the dress complete justice; the colour really pops in real life. It reminds me so much of the film Drop Dead Fred when Fred accompanies Lizzie to a party – she’s got an equally lovely purple dress on and he says she looks at a big purple bruise! 🙂 I will think of that line every time I put it on!

If you like this dress, you might also love my Simple Sew Ruby Dress – you can find my review of that pattern here.

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