A Festive Flo Dress – With a Small Hack

Love Sewing Flo Dress

It’s been so great to see how many of you have made the Flo Dress and all of the pretty fabrics you have used – I know Alice has been blown away by the response to her beautiful pattern. Can you believe it was launched in Issue 21 of Love Sewing last Christmas?

I’ve decided to make another two in time for Christmas for my friend’s daughters (the two little poppets I made the Hacked Thelma dresses and the Butterick 3772 Pinafores for) and have included a little hack to make them even easier to make and wear. The fabric is beautiful Scandi heart print cotton by Makower from The Corner Patch – I bought it in the August when Jane first got her Christmas stock in. By the time I got to it, there was less than 3m on the bolt; naturally I bought what was left just in case someone else bought it and Jane couldn’t get more stock of it.

You can find the original post review here – if you’ve not read it before, you’ll read all about how I got on when I made my first Flo Dress. I love the fact it has a fully lined bodice and the twirly skirt – this is exactly the kind of dress I would have loved when I was little and my friend’s daughter (who I made the original Flo Dress for) fell in love with the dress as soon as she laid eyes on it. To hack the original pattern to have a popper fastening rather than an invisible zip, you’ll need to extend the bodice backs by 4cm.

Love Sewing Flo Dress

When you are making up your Flo Dress, you’ll need to make the following instructions to the changes:

  1. When you are sewing the bodice backs to the lining pieces, where you would have left the back seam open to insert your zip, because you have extended your bodice backs, you can sew down this length as well so that when you turn your bodice you have a nice finished edge at the back.
  2. When you cut your skirt, you don’t need to cut one of your pieces into two (as you won’t be inserting a zip) – so you’ll also only have the side seams to sew when you get to this step!
  3. When you come to attach your bodice to your skirt, overlap the back bodice pieces by 3.5cm (pinning down the overlap to hold it in place) then sewing all the way round the waistline
  4. To finish, you’ll just need to place and add your popper fastenings

I can’t wait for the girls to see their dresses. I’m also really pleased that the fabric is festive enough to be worn over Christmas but will see the girls through the coming months without looking out of place.

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