Strapless Fishtail Dress

Tanya Whelan Strapless Dress

Some of you will know I changed jobs towards the end of the year. As well as taking this as an opportunity to add to my me made work wardrobe, I also had the fantastic Β (read: barmy) idea to make my Christmas party dress. Regular followers of my Instagram feed will have been treated to planning and in progress shots…more than anything this was to make sure I didn’t bottle it.

I made good use of the recent promotion with Abakhan to buy some navy scuba. My vision was more of the floral I used making my scuba Coco dress but alas, they’d sold out so plain navy it was. I’m always conscious black can look a little bit severe, especially with my pale skin, so I have started opting for navy for a softer, yet classic option.

You’ll notice I’ve called on my trusty Tanya Whelan book Sew Many Dresses, Sew Little Time, which I also used makig my Liberty Wrap Dress and the Skirt on my Simplicity 1365 Hack. In the book, there was a beautiful dress made up using the strapless bodice and bias skirt; this was the dress!!

The only modification I made from the pattern was to cut off the train as I was worried about catching my heel in it and doing a J-Law style tumble. As I was using a stretchy knit, I didn’t cut my skirt on the bias and I doubled up on my bodice pieces so it was lined, which also gave it a little more structure. You’ll also notice as it’s a knit, there are no fastenings – it’s an easy pull on, pull off number.

The bodice was really quick to sew together, despite there being 12 pieces in total. As the scuba is quite fluid, understitching the lining was key to stop it rolling up and showing. When constructing the skirt, I made it up so I could work out if I needed to modify it for my height. As expected, it was too long; I positioned the fish tail at my knee and took off some of the length at the waist when I pinned the skirt to the bodice, which worked perfectly. A quick hem and the dress was good to go.

Fishtail Evening Dress

I was so excited to be sharing this dress with you against the backdrop of Peckforton Castle, but it wasn’t meant to be on the day. I was knocked off my feet with the flu in the days leading up to the party and was nowhere near better enough to drag myself there. I’m holding out for a charity ball to go to so I don’t miss out. Until then I’m tempted to leave my beautiful dress on Alice on full display!

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