Love Sewing Pyjamas

Pjyama Bottoms Pattern

Issue 32 of Love Sewing was awash with lots of fantastic ideas for Christmas/Winter sewing and even in the ‘next issue teaser’ at the end of Issue 31, my eye was drawn to the free pyjama sewing pattern. I love my Learn to Sew with Lauren pyjama bottoms, however I really liked the fact that this version had a slimmer leg and ankle cuffs to keep my legs even warmer (well it wouldn’t do to have an identikit wardrobe – it works for Simon Cowell but I like a bit more variety). The pattern also features a pyjama top however I was concerned I’d be a bit cold in this so I gave this a miss. I’ve got a few classic round neck long sleeve base layers from Marks & Spencer that I’ve had for much longer than I’ve been sewing (I almost feel guilty referencing ready to wear items now) and use as pyjama tops currently so I will continue to pair these with the pyjama bottoms that I’ve made.

The pattern was easy to access and print. I’m not a huge fan of free PDF patterns as a rule; sometimes I find they can fit poorly together, however I was impressed by the accuracy of this pattern. Interestingly when you see this pattern laid out, you’ll notice the pattern piece for the main trouser is in one piece, which is unlike many trouser patterns I’ve seen before. So a stash buster this pattern isn’t, however it’s a lovely shape. The pattern looks bigger laid out than it actually is – I was a bit worried when I laid it on the fabric but I needn’t have been.

I used jersey fabric from Girl Charlee Fabrics for all parts – in Love Sewing they use contrast cuffs, which looks gorgeous, however I decided with the fabric that I had to run with the main body fabric for all component pieces as it was just so beautiful!

Even with my notoriously slow sewing, I made the PJ bottoms in double quick time; they are the perfect beginner pyjamas to make. They did come out a little tighter than I expected on the leg so don’t worry about going for the bigger of two sizes. That said, I didn’t want a loose pair of bottoms so although they’re almost leggings, they’re exactly what I wanted.

I’ve got a feeling I’ll be wearing these pyjama bottoms a lot in the coming months; I’m in full on hibernation mode and am really enjoying cosy evenings in and lazy weekend mornings.

If you’re looking for an alternative top to put with these pyjamas, how about pairing them with a Maria Denmark Kimono T Shirt – it’s beautifully fitted and the pattern is also free!

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