Simple Sew Notch Collar Jacket…Without the Notches

Issue 21 of Love Sewing Magazine was a pretty good one wasn’t it?! Can you believe it was just a year ago? Not only did they publish the beautiful Flo Dress (you can read my review of this gorgeous pattern here) but the free gift with that edition was the Notch Collar Jacket. I love the clean line of the silhouette and so it went on my To Sew pile…I even chose my fabric, a beautiful blue woven cotton, on New Year’s Eve 2015 ( rock n roll, I know) when I was ordering my fabric for my Button Down Back Top. As it happened I’d ordered too little fabric and both the pattern and the fabric were tossed to one side in frustration…and promptly forgotten about!

I found this pattern again months later when I was organising my patterns; I’d bought some beautiful luxury crepe in Foxglove from Truro Fabrics with a view of making a sleeveless top (not a Lauren one this time but a Burda pattern) – as I was deciding whether to use matching or contrast binding I decided to make my jacket. I know, crepe might not have been the obvious choice to use. “It’s too flimsy!” I hear you cry. Well, ordinarily I’d agree but I set my heart on it…and hopefully it would give me the perfect cover up that I could wear with both a tailored dress or top and skinny jeans.

True to its word, the pattern was very easy to follow, had only a few pattern pieces and is easy to construct for an adventurous beginner. It wasn’t particularly challenging for me to construct but I really enjoyed the lack of challenge and really enjoyed the construction process – it also only took me and hour and a half to make.

The overall result is fab; as you can see I decided against pockets (a. I couldn’t be bothered and b. if I had them the temptation to fill them would be there). The only thing I would change is to make it a little larger (so it actually meets in the middle without my bust getting in the way) and for it to be a little longer (I hate to admit it but my mum was right when she said I’d feel it in later years when I was strutting round in midriff bearing tops in my teens!) That said, paired either with a shift dress or skinny jeans, the cropped-ness of the jacket actually looks really good and as for it not being able to be stretched over my boobs (must make it in jersey next time for a little more give) it actually looks absolutely fine  and doesn’t look too small at all.

In short, this is the perfect multi purpose jacket for me and takes me from dressy to off duty very easily. It’s perfect when you need something smarter than a cardi but not as formal as a blazer – I think this is going to get a lot of wear – thanks Love Sewing, you’ve excelled again!

Want to see where it all began? My first make through Love Sewing was the famous Ruby Dress – you can find my review here

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