Going Loco for a Coco

Tilly and the Buttons Coco Top

My puns for my Coco makes are getting worse aren’t they?! I’ve really enjoyed coming up with this one, as well as the original Coco Dress post title (read more here). From the outset, I’d got plans for a Breton striped Coco dress and top; both were cut out at the same time but the dress got finished a little quicker than the top. In theory, I should have completed the top first as my Breton dress is a bold statement (and makes me look a bit like a stereotypical burglar…all I need is a black eye mask) but the dress won out. Now I’m getting a little more practical and sewing a beautiful Breton top. I love the simplicity and classic style; it is perfect to dress up or down.

Tilly and The Buttons Coco Top

Once again, I used black and white 1cm stripe ponte roma from Girl Charlee Fabrics – I’m so pleased I bought enough fabric for my dress and top (with some left over) as the quality is fantastic; it’s really soft and snuggly – I wear it and feel really smug. The construction of the top is just as easy as the dress version – this time, I had bought some hemming tape to sew into the neck to avoid stretching this when hemming it, which I think gives a really great finish. Here are some of my other tips:

  • When you’re cutting out, the easiest way to tackle stripe matching  is to make sure the underarm stripe matches the corresponding point on the sleeve (ie the point before the sleeve goes into a curve)
  • Quilting clips are a great way to pin your fabric to keep your stripes matching when you’re sewing them together
  • I used a straight stitch on the neck hem as I preferred the finish – as the neck opening is quite wide, you are very unlikely to run the risk of stretching it taking your top on and off, breaking the stitches
  • You can also use your hemming tape instead of ribbon when you’re sewing the shoulders to avoid them stretching out
  • Stretch interfacing is a complete lifesaver, I used this on my sleeve and bottom hem to avoid the fabric stretching out when I was hemming them

You’ll notice I’ve not sewn the slits in the side of the top. I found I had enough ease in the top not to, but I also left them out for warmth. I also took 3 inches from the bottom of the top to make it a little shorter in the body as I’m only 5’ 3”.

Tilly and The Buttons Coco Top

If you like this top, you will also love my Button Down Back Top review; a free pattern from Love Sewing magazine, this was also designed by Tilly Walnes and is also a great transitional top that is super easy to dress up or down. As this one can be made in a woven fabric, you also have more choices to dress it right up with your choice of fabric.

Want to hear about how I came to buy this pattern? Read all about the Sewing Weekender 2016 here

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4 thoughts on “Going Loco for a Coco

  1. corrineappleby says:

    It’s such a useful pattern isn’t it? I’ve made three now and they’re all in regular rotation. I’m liking the stripes on yours though. May have to copy!

    Liked by 1 person

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