Love Sewing Men’s T Shirt Hack – Plus Size Ladies Wear

Womens T Shirt

Do you remember last year I stole the really simple Men’s T Shirt Pattern from Love Sewing to make myself a new T Shirt for Pilates? It was so comfy and perfect once I’d folded the sleeves up a couple of times; I’ve worn it lots. Well I came back to it to make a beautiful handmade T Shirt as a present for my Aunt. She’s an interesting shape – she’s 4′ 9″ and is a size 24 – which makes trying to buy clothes a nightmare at times (especially trousers!) I managed to track down some more Liberty jersey, like I used for my Mock Wrap Dress, as she loved it so much when she saw my dress. I had initially hoped to make her some trousers, although I didn’t have quite enough fabric to squeeze them out of.

Taking her measurements, I needed to alter the T Shirt pattern – the XL was perfect on the chest, however I needed to take it out at the waist and hips. If you’ve shied away from doing this before, it’s so easy with a French curve as it gives the perfect swoosh when you’re drawing on your pattern piece. I worked out the difference I needed to add to make it fit  across the tummy/hips and extended the horizontal bottom piece on the pattern accordingly (if you do this, don’t forget if you’re pattern is on the fold, you’ll be adding on both sides when you extend your pattern piece). from the chest, I angled my French curve to swoop outwards from the chest  to the extended bottom line and viola!

My Instagram followers will know I made good use of the air hockey table in our break out area at work to cut out. You’ll generally find me there, or sat on one of the beanbags trawling Instagram or Pinterest for more inspiration!

As the jersey was such good quality, I didn’t need to overlock the seams and simply left them to curl back on themselves (lazy I know, but they’re really comfortable). It’s a lovely pattern to sew and is super simple and super speedy to make  – it was done in an evening (and I rarely start sewing before 8-9pm)

I’m so pleased with the finished product. It was the perfect gift and she loved it. So much so, I used the rest of my jersey from Girl Charlee to make her another!

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